So after a long day at work, dispensing medications and listening to the sound of paint drying, I stopped of at Author Steven Morgan‘s house and delivered to him the prize of his book signing.  As this was my first official “gig” I wanted to show Steven what work I had done and what steps I took towards this goal.  I introduced him to Adobe Lightroom 3 and then gave a him a brief viewing of what photo’s I thought were unusable.  I knock about 220 photos down to 167, and let’s just face it that’s about a 4%.  Never the less Steven Morgan did like what he saw!

Later we talked about his book “Write or Die, Vol. 1” and I gave him some advice as to what was needed to help restrengthen his revision.  He then gave me some words of encouragement and told me that he received a lot of compliments about the photographer (that would be me) stating that he was professional and respectful of those around him.  Come to think of it, maybe that wasn’t me 😉  So Steven Morgan has his photos and will be making a section of his facebook page and home website very soon, so keep an eye out for them.

Anyway all in all this is what people work for, positive reinforcement.  After that conversation it was worth the 30+ mosquito bites we both received within an hour’s time.  Also it turns out that I’m up for another photo gig, this time maybe on a boat in the summertime!  How about that.  I wonder if Chicago has the woman I’ve been waiting for, guess we’ll find out.

Some days I love my job, I really do!


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