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I’m sorry but I have to rant here: It pisses me off to see people not want to better their lives, whether that be socially, economically, spiritually, etc.  WE ARE CREATURES OF EVOLUTION AND PROGRESS!  When we are unhappy it is because a part of our being is not satisfied and KNOWS that this can be FIXED and CORRECTED!  Humans of this planet do yourselves a favor: SORT YOUR S&^% OUT, Find what makes you happy, AND STRIVE…I REPEAT STRIVE……TO ACHIEVE THAT HAPPINESS!!!!!

Since moving back to Indianapolis I have dealt with the death of two family member, the loss of my child hood home twice (TWICE), numerous amount of insults, and work and school (BOTH FULL TIME).  Yeah I may seem cynical or angry, but the bottom line is this:  I’m fighting in what I believe in and I’m striving to achieve that. (I’m not saying this as a guilt trip, I’m just making points for reference).

If you at any point feel like you don’t know what to do next do this.  Take a step back and remember what your life was six years ago, then imagine what you life is like six years from now (both good and bad).  Now come up with a plan to go down the path that makes you happy.

This has been a public service announcement. (I should really start charging for these).