I’m sorry but I have to rant here: It pisses me off to see people not want to better their lives, whether that be socially, economically, spiritually, etc.  WE ARE CREATURES OF EVOLUTION AND PROGRESS!  When we are unhappy it is because a part of our being is not satisfied and KNOWS that this can be FIXED and CORRECTED!  Humans of this planet do yourselves a favor: SORT YOUR S&^% OUT, Find what makes you happy, AND STRIVE…I REPEAT STRIVE……TO ACHIEVE THAT HAPPINESS!!!!!

Since moving back to Indianapolis I have dealt with the death of two family member, the loss of my child hood home twice (TWICE), numerous amount of insults, and work and school (BOTH FULL TIME).  Yeah I may seem cynical or angry, but the bottom line is this:  I’m fighting in what I believe in and I’m striving to achieve that. (I’m not saying this as a guilt trip, I’m just making points for reference).

If you at any point feel like you don’t know what to do next do this.  Take a step back and remember what your life was six years ago, then imagine what you life is like six years from now (both good and bad).  Now come up with a plan to go down the path that makes you happy.

This has been a public service announcement. (I should really start charging for these).


Soldier.. OH BOY


I want to go on record right here right now, what I am about to say is extremely controversial and I could possibly end up offending you the reader. If I do I apologize for any misconceptions in this post.  I’ve been getting a lot of “praise” for something I found on Facebook and put down as a re-post.  After reading more about this “incident” and from what people have been saying I have to ask this simple question: Dear “Soljia Boy… are you F-en retarded?”

As many of you might know (and if you don’t you do now), the artist known as “Soljia Boy” a.k.a. DeAndre Cortez Way recently released his video of “Let’s Be Real” in which one of the verses states the following….. you know what just watch the video here:

I’m going to completely ignore the fact that he drops the N-Bomb, the fact that he’s rapping to a video on the wall that looks like an episode of COPS, the fact that he does the same half-assed dance, and finally I’m going to ignore the fact that he has no common sense.  Instead I’m going to simply point out the fact that he says “Fuck the FBI and fuck all the ARMY troops” no once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES!  THREE TIMES in a really pathetic video transformation that I learned in 10th grade.  As you watch you see shortly after this transition his video goes to a staged apology.

It makes me laugh when I read the second paragraph states “As a young man who grew up in the post-9/11 era, I have watched our country fight two wars that seem like they are never going to end.  I have seen thousands and thousands of young men get killed in battle and often times, I think for what?


Here are some other reasons why your apology is about meaningful as broken record:

1) You grew up in a post-9/11 era.   Hey magic marker boy everyone who is living is growing up in a post-9/11 era, hence the phrase “POST”.  Man I can remember the DAY the ATTACK HAPPENED!  I was in college walking to my next class when I saw on the news what happened, IN LIVE ACTION, the planes crashing into the building.  I didn’t have to watch it on reruns or YouTube, I was it the day it happened.  Hey I grew up in a post-Cold War Era, a post-Perisan Gulf War Era, post-Afghanistan War Era…. you know what if you want to know freaking post war era’s we are in check out The History Guy or Encyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II, Second Edition.  Doesn’t mean I’m writing hateful lyrics about people.  I don’t shrug it off and move on, but I also don’t go around pissing people off.  Instead of causing more problems, why not try to resolve them?

2) A lot of people in this country are stuggling to make ends meet and I think a lot about what if we never had gone to war.  What’s this “we” crap?  You’ve never gone to war, hell you’ve never enlisted.  Furthermore if your so worried about people struggling to make ends meet, how about you start shelling out some of the not-so-hard-earned money that people paid for your crappy music?

3) In no way would I want to offend people who are protecting our freedoms.  TOO LATE, you did, jackass.  Oh and it’s just “freedom” not “freedoms”.  Freedom is already a pluralistic word that depicts the overall sense of freedom of America as a country, learn to speak and write proper English instead of making a rap song where you say  “UGH” more than 10 times!

4) I am just frustrated that we haven’t been able to bring you all home quick enough and my frustration got the best of me.  I am deeply sorry.  Sounds like you were not frustrated enough to rap about it, huh?  Furthermore it sounds like your apology is… well as weak as your rap game.

I found this video in YouTube and I really like what this guy has to say “What the hell were you thinking when you came up with these lyrics?”

At this point I think it’s safe to say that “Soljia Boy” a.k.a. DeAndre Cortez Way’s career is probably at and end.  I mean in recent events people like Chris Brown and Michael Vick may have the chance to make a comeback tour for themselves because America may see them at DEEPLY sorry for their actions.  You “Soljia Boy” posted a freaking video with a pathetic letter in it, you didn’t even have the guts to post a professional apology on YouTube or hold a press-conference to apologize.

More and more people on your fans on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other place you put your foot in your mouth, well…they are all walking away.  You claim that you have the most followers in the rap game for a young black (I will not say the word).  While this maybe true, it will soon be a faded memory.

What can we learn from this incident? Well it doesn’t matter what color you are going into the United States Army (or any other branch for that matter) because they all have one color in common: red.  Red is the color that runs through the veins of every service member, man and woman!  Red is color that every solider has in common, regardless of their skin color.  In war (which you’ve never been in) your taught to protect the brother or sister on your left and on your right.  If you were to enlist (which is doubtful) no one would protect you.  But back to the lesson that should be learned: While everyone loves the First Amendment which protects the citizens’ freedom of speech and expression, everyone also know that with amendments comes responsibilities!  “Soljia Boy” a.k.a. DeAndre Cortez Way you should have made a more responsible choice in your words, because now those EXACT words will haunt you and eventually become your own grave, your own ending.

No one will protect a person who doesn’t respect The Constitution of the United States and all the Amendments that bind it’s pages together.  No one will respect a person who blatantly disrespects over 2.3 million service members then tries to throw an apology.  Finally no one will continue to support a raper who not only uses racist remarks to make a name for himself in a culture that is still battle oppression,  but then slaps the faces of service members who have risen out of far more destructive situtation that you “Soljia Boy” a.k.a. DeAndre Cortez Way have ever been in.

Enjoy what little time you have left in the lime-light because the curtain is slowly being drawn and the stage lights are slowly being shut off, right where you stand.



So it’s late and I’m up (like usual) and I’m stalking my friends on Facebook (like they stalk me) and my friend David posted a juicy nugget that just made me so angry.  Apparently a man from Illinois, a Mr. Michael Allison, is on trial for recording police officials while in the public.  This man faces 75 YEARS IN PRISON.  I mean is this right, is it constitutional?

I’m looking closely into this and I hope for the sake of every citizen in this country that this does not hold up in court.

As always from a journalistic point I find this to be completely unbelievable and a slap to not only my face, but every face in America.  Watch the video here or you can also visit Wabash Valley’s website here to learn more about this story.

I’d also like to say that this affects not only myself but you who read this as well as everyone in America and those who are serving over seas.  We elect these people who interpret laws that, at this point in our country’s life, are POINTLESS!  If you want to do something about this and if you value your rights then start now!  Take control of your rights and (a) elect those who have the public in their view of safety, (b) stand up for yourself, and (c) contact as many local and government officials about problems that affect you and your loved ones!

English philosopher Edmund Burke said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.” 


Animal Cruelity

Ok so it’s roughly 3 a.m. right now and I’m blogging. Why am I blogging at 3 a.m. you ask?  Simple, to show you how cruel some people can be.  About 1 and 1/2 hours ago (1:30 a.m.) I hear what sounded like kittens crying outside, during a LIGHTENING STORM.  I opened my front door and saw my neighbor just smoking a fucking cigarette and also listening to the same damn crying.  So I give it some time, 1/2 hour passes, 45 minutes pass, then an hour passes and I still hear crying.  At this point my neighbor went inside.

So I go out with a flash light and look under a bush and what do I see, four kittens DRENCHED and their “momma cat” all under a bush near my double.

I mean just look at the condition of these kittens, its deplorable.  Luckily I was able to get all of them into a cat carrier and they are all spending the night in my bathroom with food and shelter, but in the morning I have to call Animal Control and most likely someone of them will not make it.  Its wrong and my heart hurts to see this happen.  Just last winter I found another kitten on MY FRONT PORCH.  She was the only one and I naturally took her in and I’ll be damned if Gypse (that’s her name) didn’t win my hear over.

The bottom line is this: If you are going to own or take care of an animal please be responsible.  I mean I didn’t have this cat problem until he moved in next to me and the “momma cat” does belong to him, but apparently having a pet isn’t such a big deal to him as others.  Way to go ass-clown, why don’t you smack your wife again so I can call the cops like I did last time.

My only hope now is that Animal Control will take them to a safe location, get them treated, and not one dies.  I mean right now there is thunder and lightening outside and I can still hear the thunder striking.  Well At least I gave them a chance for the night.

Update – it’s 11:08 in the morning right now.  From what I can understand these kittens are 1-3 weeks old.  Tried contacting several places and no one will take them due to space.  We’ll see what I can do.


Can’t Sleep

So I’ve been up all night with a severe case of insomnia and I stumbled across this story: Lesbian Couple Saves 40.  Just thought I’d share it, can’t really think right now, insomnia and all.  But this story is the genuine article, and I’m impressed with this couples courage!



Dear Readers,

Last night I was informed that three members of The IUPUI School of Journalism (SOJ) were no longer going to be employed.  For various reasons the positions are gone, they quit, or whatever.  Bottom line is that as a student I’ve gotten to know and respect these three individuals, and as this is my last semester it wouldn’t feel right to walk the halls without these individuals being there!

This is just one of many issues that The SOJ at IUPUI is having and as a student not knowing the full details of the situations surrounding this and many other issues is just isn’t right!

If you are a current student at The SOJ or at IUPUI, an alumni, or someone who knows these three individuals and/or knows of issues around The SOJ please write a letter stating your dis-concerns and urge the dean and everyone else to stop making these changes, and allow these three a chance to come back! Write a letter and send it to The SOJ at 535 W. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202.

My personal belief is this: Terminating, ending a position, firing isn’t necessary (unless the person in that position truly sucks at their job).  For an educational institution to cause three very influential members to be gone before or during the new semester of this year is border line madness!

I’ve just received an update from one of the individuals whom we will can Madame X.  Madame X informed me that her position was terminated and that her last day is August 29th, that’s at the end of the FIRST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL!  To make matters worse, she was not informed as to why her position was terminated.  How is it that Dean Drew is going to let someone go during the first semester of school and not explain in detail why that person is let go?

Change, Dean Drew, is a process that takes place over time not in the blink of an eye!  Also change should be expressed to all parties.  Why wasn’t the full expressed process of change explained to Madame X?

Readers again I urge you to write a letter to The SOJ at535 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN 46202.  Express your unhappiness about the level of severe change, and urge Dean Drew to allow those who are being removed or have left to come back home!

Thank you.


Rob Branch, student at The SOJ

P.s.  I’ve just been updated about some of the situations.  I will let you read his blog at: bobdittmer.wordpress.com  Right now there is a major uproar going around from alumni and students alike.  I hope that what happens right here, right now paves a way for our industry to once again see that when one is affected all are affected.  Thank you Bob, Deb, Suzy, and Maggie!  Thank all of you!


First Gig!

I’ve been asked to take photos for a friend of mine.  Author Steven Morgan will be having a double book signing in 2 days.  On July 23, 2011 @ The Red Room in Broadripple, that’s the place to be!  This will Steven Morgan’s third book release, following his 2010 release “Discombobulated”

  • ISBN-10: 0982387911
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982387917

The event will take place July 23rd @ 6:30 pm at The Red Room, 6335 N. Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220.  You can visit their website at www.theredroomindy.com to get directions, bookings, and whatever you like!  His double book release will be $20.00 (USD) for both books!

Come out and support a local author, oh and if he runs out of books well then you were too late that time.  Don’t worry I’m sure he will have more in store for the future!  Oh and if you want to learn more about Steve Morgan’s Facebook page here.

Good Luck Mr. Morgan, I hope the book signing is a success.  As they say in showbiz: BREAK A LEG!

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